Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Newcomers bare bones overview of activities for the month of October and beyond

Coffee at The Rooms
Wednesday, October 7th, and 21st.
Our coffee mornings popularity is growing, and one table is never enough. We stretched to three at our last meeting. At least one old timer is always present. Initiative of all members to come forward with possible themes, programs, or talks for our monthly socials is encouraged. Attendance is of course completely voluntary and if everyone is happy with the informal structure of these mornings we shall merrily make do with the pleasant venue at The Rooms. If the present gathering cannot satisfy your curiosity, the following ladies are always ready to answer questions regarding the Newcomers’ Club and our activities:
Ann G. 739-0416 Basia 726-1611 Hana 738-0266

Craft Group
All activities of this group will continue at the home of Estella through the month of October. The crafty individuals will be meeting on Thursday afternoons at 1:00pm. Everyone is welcome with their own project, to join the group in learning the craft of the moment, or just to check out the competition and to talk. In November, when a planned project requires more table space, the group will continue meeting on Thursday afternoons, however, the location will be the Community Room at Sobey’s at 10 Elizabeth Ave. Details: call one of the numbers above to get Estella's contact info.

Book Notes
Tuesday October 20th at 1:00 pm at Ann’s. All are welcome to come to the meetings. Call Andrea for details.
Good discussion of the mystery Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie in September. Some liked the book, others did not. It was an easy read and Flavia was an entertaining character although hard to believe she was only 11. Most were waiting for her mother to make an appearance and would like to see her show up in the next book scheduled for publication in March of 2010. Many thanks to Carol for hosting.

Other titles the group plans to discuss:
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shafer and Annie Barrows.

Meeting dates and books are as follows:
Tuesday November 17, 1:00pm at Michelle's The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Tuesday December 15 1:00pm at Pam's Galore by Michael Crummy
Remember to invite a friend or neighbor if they are interested.

The Annual International Women’s Film Festival is celebrating 20 years of existence. This weeklong event is a wonderful opportunity to see many genres of films from all over the world. Screenings take place in large movie theatres as well as smaller auditoriums, and many interesting discussions develop afterwards. It is possible to register for workshops. Apart from this visual feast, there is many a tasty offering available for you palate at the Wine Fest. See The City of St. John’s Welcomes You site for all the cultural events the season offers. Scope and The Telegram newspapers as well as the Roger’s community listings provide information about local clubs and places of interest.

Newfoundland Corner by Hana S.

When the Winds of October Won’t Make the Leaves Go,
There’ll Be a Frosty Winter with Banks of Snow.

Everywhere I go, I keep looking at the deciduous trees to check if the leaves are dropping, and so far they seem to dry up but hold on. Well, it is only the first of the 31 days of October so there should be ample opportunity for gale force winds to strip the trees bare and prevent the tons of snow we would have otherwise. We should also worry, because the moon changes from Saturday (October 4th ) to Sunday, when it becomes full at 6:00 am, an occurrence usually heralding bad weather.
What could we be thankful on Thanksgiving, then? Halloween or Colcannon dinner? The custom of trick or treating was introduced in Newfoundland by American soldiers stationed here during WWII. Earlier, the last night of October was known for the dinner made by boiling meat and seven vegetables in one pot, and the game of Snap Apple. On Colcannon Night, lovers used to place a pair of walnuts side by side in the fire; if the walnuts stayed together as they burned, it meant the couple got it blistered (knocked, or scalled), but if they separated, the couple was in for a rocky relationship.
Should the predicted inclement weather materialize, do not let it get you down. There is so much happening in St. John’s in October, you will not be able to see and do it all. So pierce a crow’s eye but do not help Larry.

The following are definitions of some colloquial expressions from the Dictionary of Newfoundland and Labrador by Ron Young which Hana used this issue of The Signal:

Snap Apple game – trying to get a bite from an apple suspended on a string, swinging
Got it blistered, knocked, scalled (scalded) – things going great, all well, couple should be happy
Helping Larry – doing nothing. Larry as a nonexistent friend people “help”, an excuse for being idle
pierce a crow’s eye – to do something impossible

Last Words
Here is hoping your Thanksgiving turkey turns out as photogenic as the one on the cover of the newsletter print edition, possibly our last, Newsletter issue. It is most satisfying to find new faces at the morning coffees and to have large turn outs for the book club and crafts as well. Nevertheless, with no new Executive Board, no membership fee and no planned social event for this month, we can hardly call ourselves a club.
Rather, we are a network of women, who help one another to settle in comfortably and to make the most of living in St. John’s. Perhaps we should keep it simple, and share information and ideas at every opportunity as we meet for coffee, book club or crafts.