Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 2009

September Social, Monday, September 28th, at 10:00 am at Hana’s home (Please call for address). If the growing number of violent assaults in our capital worries you, take this opportunity to allay your fears by attending this special presentation of WiseWalk.

Our guest Dave Jackman will talk to us about some simple but effective ways of projecting an aura of confidence, when we walk alone, and possible evasive maneuvers to get out of threatening situations. After the presentation we shall go for a walk in the neighborhood and practice what we have learned in theory. Do wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.

Dave Jackman, the founder of Kenpo Karate in NL (1970), has been teaching Martial Arts longer than anyone in Newfoundland’s history. His Wise Walk Self-Defense method has been taught in the US plus in many local businesses and learning institutions.

Coffee at The Rooms,
Wednesday, September 9th, and 23rd. Our first coffee welcomed two newcomers both relocating from Houston, one originally from Newfoundland. They were eager to meet other members, so please, give them a call.

You can reach Nancy H. and Naomi H. through a call to Hana.

You will always find a friendly contact at one of the Wednesday coffee mornings, which provide the best informal way to meet other members, connect with kindred spirits, or suggest themes for future socials or new activities. If the present gathering cannot satisfy your curiosity the following ladies are always ready to answer questions regarding the Newcomers’ Club and our activities:
Ann G. 739-0416 Basia 726-1611 Hana 738-0266

Craft Group
All activities of this group will resume on September 17th at the home of Estella P. The crafty individuals will be meeting on Thursday afternoons at 1:00pm. Everyone is welcome with their own project, to join the group in learning the craft of the moment, or just to check out the competition and to talk. Contact details: Hana S.

Book Notes
Tuesday, September 22nd at 1:00 pm at Carol’s.
All are welcome to come to the meetings. This month we are reading The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.

Call Andrea D. for details and other titles the group plans to discuss.

At our last coffee morning, Nancy and Naomi, our two latest arrivals mentioned they were interested in going to see David Copperfield, the popular magician at Mile One, and would anybody else be interested?
We checked the possibilities and decided to try to get a block of seats for the Newcomers. If we get at least 15 members, friends and family interested, we can get a discount at time of purchase.
David Copperfield Matinee on Sunday, November 8th, at 4:00pm Tickets cannot be reserved prior to purchase, they are sold on first come first serve basis. If you are interested, let Hana know and bring $70 per person to Newcomers’ next coffee morning on September 23rd. That would cover the price ++ for the best available seating. Naturally, Hana will refund any money saved and/or difference resulting from unavailability of prime seats. We have been assured all seats in the house provide good view.

Newfoundland Corner
by Hana S.

If St. Matthew’s Day is bright and clear, it means good weather for the coming year.

I always liked Septembers. They are like a second chance for a new beginning in one calendar year. If you did not live up to New Year’s resolutions, you can try it again with the onset of another school year. One of mine was to start my days with a brisk walk. As much as my dynamic duo of dachshunds loves to accompany me, today was a different story. There was no shifting them outdoors while it poured, but we braved the wind mid morning. I, all mops and brooms, they, with their floppy ears practically inside out, a sight to behold! What would we have given for a return to sunny Sunday of berry picking a mere week ago. My favourite are blueberries.

I hope at least some of you had a chance to go to Brigus for the Blueberry Festival in August, if you did not have a chance to pick some yourselves. I was warned by old timers not to pick the immature berries, “ they’m red ‘cause they’m green, that’s why they’m not blue”. That explains why blueberries are red in colour before they ripen, so be careful next summer. I wonder, though, maybe nobody will be picking berries any more, now that we are all on the pig’s back. Long may it last!

Surprisingly the beautiful summer brought along some weatherish days as well as some real weather. And yet, it was not enough to call off the water ban in our fair city. I would really like St. Matthew’s Day picture perfect, but what if a nice day on his Feast Day, September 21st will mean even lower water level at the reservoir? We’d better review Alexander Graham Bell’s experiments with desalination of sea water to make up the difference.

See the City of St. John’s Welcomes You site for all the cultural events the season offers. The Scope and The Telegram newspapers as well as the Roger’s community listings provide information about local clubs and places of interest. Not to be missed is the MUN Cinema Series which features selection of films not readily available on tapes, DVD, or not offered through general cinematic release in North America.

The following are definitions of some colloquial expressions from the Dictionary of Newfoundland and Labrador/ Ron Young/ which were used in the above byline septembers – months, or in NL slip-on, rubber workshoes made by cutting the tops off the knee-high rubber boots worn by fishermen after a season of fishing (ending in September) all mops and brooms – unkempt hair weatherish – sign of impending storm weather – bad storm with high winds and heavy precipitation.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Morning Coffee

at The Rooms Café on Wednesday, September 9th at 10:15am will be our first chance to catch up on news and plans for the Newcomers’ Club of St. John’s. (No need to buy an admission ticket. Just walk up to the Café).

Hoping to see some new faces and some old ones as well.