Sunday, September 02, 2007

September 2007 Social Announcement

Wine, Cheese and Good Company

At Sharon’s home

Monday, September 17th, 2007, 6:30 p.m.

Please join us for an evening of

wine, cheese, good company and sunshine (hopefully)

as summer draws to a close

and our Newcomers’ Club schedule heats up!

Please bring your ideas of things you would like to do,

explore, visit or experience this year in Newfoundland.

We are always up for an adventure or an “evening in” with good friends.

Newcomers' Club Membership

Annual Membership 2007-2008

The annual fee for Newcomers is only $25.00 and the membership form is included in the newsletter. Newcomers’ welcomes all of you that are new to St. John’s and interested in joining the club. Membership forms can be obtained and payment can be handed in at the September Social.

Message from the president

As I sit at my desk jotting down thoughts, I find myself in a state of denial. It does not seem possible that September is here and it is time to think of settling into our fall routines. I always feel somewhat like a squirrel, scurrying around trying to finish outdoor projects, and preparing our “nest” for family and the upcoming colder weather.

Now is a good opportunity to think of our personal time and decide where we want to focus our attention. Take note of the interest groups, including the new ones being offered this year. Make sure you sign up for any you are interested in so you will be notified of upcoming activities. The sign up sheets will be at Hi Tea, as well as our kick off Social.

Although I don’t want to rush the month away, I am truly looking forward to the Social, it will be an enjoyable, informal evening where you can catch up with old friends and make new friends too. This will be an evening not to miss.

There are lots of new ideas and locations for the Socials for the year. I won’t spoil the surprise, but be sure to reserve the evening of October 9th for an all new activity to the Newcomers’ Club. One I am positive you will all enjoy.

Hope to see you on September 5th at Hi Tea, and the 17th at the Social, so we can visit and get the year off to a great start.

Ann G.

President, St. John's Newcomers'Club

Interest Groups September 2007

There is something special about September; it always feels like it should be the first month of the year. Many of you are now looking for something to do now that you are back from your holidays or entertaining family and guests who have come to visit you here in Newfoundland.

It’s time to get back on track after the long and lazy, hazy days of summer!

Whether you are new to Newcomers or have been a part of the group for awhile, we would like to ‘WELCOME’ you back for the 2007-2008 year and would like to share some news about some of the Interest Groups that will be up and running this year.

GET-TOGETHER CRAFTS convened by Estella will commence on Thursday, September 13th at the SOBEYS’s on MerrymeetingRoad from 9:30 AM to Noon. The Craft Group plans to meet at the same location and same time every Thursday from September 13th until the end of May 2008.

The kick-off event will be an introduction to Crazy Quilting techniques demonstrated by Estella. It will also be a time to be involved in the planning of future activities put on by the Craft Group. Estella has some other interesting craft ideas that she would like to share with everyone but is also looking for other crafters’ ideas too. So come out and learn about this fun group at their first meeting on September 13th!

BOOK NOTES convened by Andrea D. commences on Tuesday September 11th at Andrea’s home and the first book everyone will be digging into is Human Beans by Ron Pumphrey. Other book selections and home venues will be chosen after the sign-up sheets have been reviewed from the September social; this way a new member will also be able to have some say in the book choices for the coming year. If you love to read but also enjoy sharing your thoughts with others then BOOK NOTES is the interest group for you!

GOLF GROUP convened by Vivien and assisted by Anne P. has been going strong all summer and the ladies will continue to swing their clubs at the CLOVELLY Golf Course on Stavanger Drive, St. John’s during the month of September and quite possibly, even October (weather permitting) every Tuesday morning. Tee-Off times will be emailed to you a few days ahead. If you are not on the Golf Club email list but want to be or want to know more about the Golf Group then contact Vivien or Anne right away. FORE!

TENNIS GROUP convened by Sandie would like to hear from Newcomer members interested in swinging your racket at the Greenbelt Tennis Club

The Club is located at 114 Newtown Rd in St. John’s and where already, a few Newcomers have been playing tennis for a few years now! The club has 4 outdoor courts and 6 courts under the bubble; so, if tennis is your game then contact Sandie today and find out how you can get involved with this ‘swinging’ group’ this coming season!

WINTER WALKERS – “this is not just a walk in the park!” convened by Anne P. will commence Tuesday, October 2.

If you want to join a group of ladies who like to take to the local trails and Memorial University’s THE WORKS indoor track (on inclement weather days), then this is the group for you. Often after an invigorating walk the ladies will take the time to go for some refreshments or a light lunch! Dust off your walkers and pump up your cardio by joining these walkers every Tuesday starting in October.

The first ‘hike’ of the season will meet in the Holiday Inn car park at the corner of MacDonald Drive and Portugal Cove by 9:30AM SHARP!

If you require more details please do not hesitate to contact Anne

TWO NEW INTEREST GROUPS starting up in the fall will be “Out To Lunch” and

“Mom & TOTS”

*OUT TO LUNCH convened by Andrea D. is an interest group that was popular a while back now and is returning due to popular demand! Take time to enjoy the local fare in and around St. John’s. One day a month the group will meet for good food, company and conversation. To get your name into this group call Andrea right away and find out more about the first luncheon of the year.

*MOMS & TOTS convened by Asuka is a new group designed for the ‘at home Mom’ with pre-school children looking for a day out with other Moms and their children. Asuka plans on hosting the first gathering at her home sometime in October and then with the help of all the Moms, plan other events and outings for once a month. If you are a Mom looking to meet other Moms with their children, then call or email Asuka now!

‘We trust that many of you will want to come out and be a part of one or more of these groups!’

In the meantime, we are still seeking out a member who may be interested in convening the COUPLES’ ACTIVITIES GROUP. This was a group that attempted to bring not only the Newcomer women together for an evening event but their spouses or significant others too.

We are also still looking for a member who may be interested in convening the COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS GROUP. Over the years, this group has helped with the Naomi Centre, various Cancer Society events, Make Christmas for a Needy Family.

Here’s an opportunity for the ladies in Newcomers’ to give back to the community they are living in. We are sure many of you will want to help with the countless projects we have been known to support in the past BUT we are really in need of someone who is passionate about taking on this group and guiding the other members along.

Please contact me right away regarding either of these two interest groups by email through our president.

Finally, if you are interested in convening an Interest Group that doesn’t yet exist, then we are interested in YOUR input too.

Over the summer, a list called LOOK WHO SHARES YOUR INTEREST was sent to all current NEWCOMER members. On this list were over 25 other interest group ideas that members had said they were interested in participating in with other members. These are interest groups just waiting to blossom but will only start running if one of our members decides to become its convener!

“So, what does a Convener do?” you may be asking yourself.

The Convener’s role is to see that the Interest Group meets regularly.

The Convener plays an important role in the success of the Newcomer’s Club!

The Convener is responsible for the organization of the interest group by setting up the dates and times for their meetings with the help and input from the interest groups’ members. Think of yourself as the ‘Captain of the Team’ but the ‘Team’ is also there to help you run and organize the interest group too. Remember that the Convener can always contact the Second Vice-President at any time for assistance in setting up the Interest Group too. You are never alone and on your own!

The Convener is responsible for a newsletter advertisement each month from September to May that promotes and gives details about their Interest Group.

Sign Up Folders will be set up at the first Newcomer’s Social of the new season on Monday September 17th and they will also be available at all monthly meetings for any Newcomer member that may be joining during the year.

In the meantime, feel free to contact the Conveners of the Interest Groups highlighted in this month’s Signal right away if you want to know more now; no need to wait until September 17th to join an Interest Group!

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon regarding your interest in becoming a convener and I look forward to meeting many more of you at some of the already up and running Interest Groups and other special events in the coming year!

Happy September!

Brenda J. B.

2nd Vice President, St. John’s Newcomer’s